The Devoted Comrade Newspaper

February 2020
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The Devoted Comrade is a newspaper based on the dystopian novel 1984. The newspaper is meant to distribute the propaganda of the totalitarian government. The paper takes on a contradictory and confusing tone for the reader because the citizens in the novel are brainwashed to believe anything the Party says. The use of obviously doctored imagery is used to further illustrate the propaganda the government spreads.

Visual Research & Experimentation

I began my design process by collecting imagery that depicts an oppressed and heavily controlled society. The collection of these images inspired visual elements in my iterative process.

Grid Structure & Typography

Grid structure was an important element in organizing the large amount of information in the newspaper. I used a 12 column by 10 row grid to allow for flexibility in image and text placement. The primary typeface used in the publication is bold, strong, and slightly rounded to represent the authority and fake compassion of the government.

In Progress Iterations

Throughout the design process I experimented with various ways to create hierarchy with type, imagery, spacing and rules. Using various visual elements I explored how I could communicate the contradicting and manipulative messages that the government in the novel told the citizens of their nation.

Final Publication