“Her” Movie Title Sequence

December 2019
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This project focused on creating a title sequence for an existing movie without using any of the content from the movie. The purpose of the project was to push me to reinterpret an existing style and content. The movie that I chose to create a title sequence for is “Her”.

“Her” is a movie romance movie set in the near future. The story follows the protagonist, Theodore, and his journey of falling in love with his new AI operating system.

Visual Research

To begin the design process I collected information about the movie (snyposis, symbolisms, analysis, etc.) and imagery that would communicate major themes in from the movie. Based on my research I narrowed down my focus to the following themes / keywords: humanity’s connection with technology, lack of intimacy, and isolation. My original mood board depicts an individual’s personal experience with their technology, being an outsider, and icons that parallel the human body or emotions in technology.

Iteration 1

The first iteration of my storyboard take a more literal approach to the content. The graphics depict the main character’s interaction with technology exclusively, and shows the downloading of the AI software.

Iteration 2

The second iteration of the storyboard incorporates more abstract graphics. I utilized geometric vectors as the main design element in the graphic, and incorpoarated video as a secondary element.

Final Animation & Storyboard

The final iteration of the animation uses three visual elements: circle, line, and video. Through the iterative process I was able to simplify the design to create a more intimate title sequence representing the journey of the character through his perspective. The videos chosen for this piece are shot in first person to introduce the viewer into the world of the protagonist. The music used in the piece starts off slow and begins to build after the introduction of the phone vector, which represents the main character’s new AI companion. I decided to end the animation with a video of a phone docking to allow for a change in perspective as the movie begins after the title sequence.