Beatty Logo Design

December 2021
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Client: Beatty.
Collaborator: Chris Seiler

Beatty is a real estate development firm focused on delivering innovative, urban, mixed-use projects throughout Baltimore.

As Beatty’s team continues to expand to encompass design, management, and development there was a need to create one unified brand. The goal of this rebrand was to simplify the existing logos and create a logo that would scale well on a variety of applications.  

    Updated Logo

Original Logo Designs

Beatty initially had three different logos to represent the different services of the firm. The goal of the rebrand was to create one, cohesive logo to unify the company. 

Logo Design

The logotype was simplified to “Beatty.” to encompass all the services provided by the company. In order to keep brand recognizability I used the same typeface as the original logo, but added a notch to the “B” to make it more legible and rounded the bowls of the “B”. The original logos did not scale well and took up too much space because of the loose tracking. I tightened up the spacing between the letters to condense the logo. Finally the dot used in the orignal logotype was moved to create a punctuation mark that mimics the icon of the flagship project of Beatty, Harbor Point

Primary Logo Lockup 

Secondary Logo Lockups