A Healing Journey 

February 2020
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“A Healing Journey” is a piece in a collaborative project with 12 other individuals.

This collaborative project challenged the designers involved to choose a reading or object, and create a new visual language to re-render the voice and content of the selected subject. The content that I chose is a spoken word poem titled “A Prayer/ A Spell” by Sabrina Benaim. I created a 12 page publication using exclusively images to communicate the message of the poem.

Visual Research & Experimentation

To begin the design process I examined my content and decided on certain imagery that could represent the theme of the poem. Through my ideation process I focused on the theme of healing. The imagery that I repeated throughout my publication is flowers and crystals to symbolize healing.

Black and white digital experiments                                                                                                      Transcription of poem

In Progress Experiments

After the initial visual research I created multiple iterations of the spreads of the book. These experiments allowed me to explore the use of line to represent a journey throughout the book and how I could use the elements of crytstals and flowers throughout the publication. 

Final Publication

The final deliverable is a half letter size booklet bound with a rubber band. Throughout the book many of the images are black and white with pops of color used to highlight the images of flowers and crystals that represent the main theme of the poem. The final book was compiled into a book of twelve other publications.